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SATO RentHome

Rental apartments are SATO's main product, and the rntal income from apartments and the development of the value of apartments are prerequisites for the profitability of our business operations.

SATO RentHomes are close to public transportation routes and services, which effects positively both on the demand and on reducing the emissions caused by housing.

Our apartments are homes for our customers, and we want them to enjoy their lives. SATO House Experts keep an eye on the condition of the houses and yards, and the Service Manager coordinates all repairs performed in buildings. Our residents can also renovate their homes using SATO's DIY renovation kit.

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SATO StudioHome

SATO StudioHome is a new housing solution enabling communal living. We are able to offer affordable apartments by reducing the volume of private space and increasing that of shared space. This concept was developed together with young upper secondary school students during a Safari camp and with the innovation team representing SATO's personnel.

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SATO JoustoKoti

Our customer gets access to a SATO FlexHome by paying 15% of the purchase price of their new home. During the five years of part ownership, they will pay SATO's part ownership rent, a rent that is below the market level for their FlexHome. If the customer's life situation or mind changes during that period, we undertake to buy their share back at the original price, less 1% per each year of residence. After the end of the part-ownership period, they can either buy the remaining 85% of their home or sell their share back to us.

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Design from Finland

SATO has been awarded the Design from Finland label indicating high-quality Finnish design competence. For new SATO homes, we use fitted furniture designed by us, such as the KIDE range of bathroom furniture. The manufacturers of the KIDE range as well as other furniture designed by us have also been awarded the Key Flag Symbol for products and services made in Finland.