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13 June 2024

We investigated – this is where the rental market heats up first

The busiest season of the Finnish rental market is here, peaking in July. The summer rental seasons vary by region, with rental spikes concentrated particularly in large cities. Btw, it's not just students on the move during the summer!

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4 June 2024

Our recipe for a successful interaction: concept work yields promising results

Our Recipe for Excellent Encounters concept has swiftly become a natural part of the everyday lives of SATO personnel, further improving customer satisfaction. The concept aims to ensure that customers receive a consistent and high-quality service experience at all interaction points.

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28 May 2024

Human to human | Parempaa (työ)elämää -podcast

The Executive Vice President of our Housing Business, Elina Vaurasalo, and the Head of our HR, Johanna Koramo, visited the Parempaa (työ)elämää ('Better (work)life') podcast hosted by Great Place to Work Finland.

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