House Experts

Your trusted person to help you out in everyday issues

SATO House Experts are the familiar trusted persons who almost all SATO residents can turn to when they need a hand with an everyday issue.

Together with the maintenance company, the House Experts make sure SATO home buildings remain comfortable and in good condition. Their duties include responding to defect reports concerning SATO homes and buildings, carrying out small repairs inside apartments as well as small repairs of heating, water and ventilation equipment, and inspecting apartments that become available and showing them to new customers. At properties where there is a House Expert, the maintenance companies in turn take care of tasks such as issues relating to keys, on-call jobs during evenings and weekends, outdoor work using machinery, and cleaning.

If your kitchen tap is leaking or a ventilation window will not open, you can call in the House Expert to help you by sending us a defect report via OmaSATO. If necessary, you can also reach the House Expert of your home building by contacting SATO Customer Service.

Please note that you don't have to know the difference between the House Expert, maintenance company, and Service Manager. If you message us through OmaSATO, the service forwards your message correctly.

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