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the most attractive city in Finland

The atmosphere of an old industrial town, strong loyalty to local area, and extensive cultural offerings make Tampere a sought-after city to live in. Discover Tampere and find a vacant rental apartment.

Plenty of things to do for all tastes offered by the old industrial town

Tampere is perhaps best known for its industrial history than can still be seen in the red-brick buildings by the Tammerkoski rapids passing through the city. Located on an isthmus between the Lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, Tampere is Finland’s second-largest urban area and the second-largest centre of population after Helsinki. Almost everyone likes Tampere, and the city has been repeatedly ranked as the most attractive city in Finland in a national survey on relocation willingness.

Tampere has the atmosphere of an old industrial town coupled with the heartbeat of an urban and vibrant city. Students as well as those in working life will find lovely rental homes in the city’s leafy and pleasant residential districts.

The focus of Tampere’s economy has shifted from manufacturing to services, and the city attracts new residents not only from the neighbouring municipalities but also from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Tampere is also a modern university town with active student life, urban culture, lots of small rental homes and young residents.

Dotted by lakes, Tampere offers opportunities for physical activity on land and in water, close to the centre in the Pyynikki esker area and further away in Velaatta and Teisko. Woods with spruce trees starting from the back of your home will invite you to spend time outdoors, and many of the recreational paths are turned into cross-country skiing tracks in the winter. Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi are popular lakes for water sports from sailing to canoeing and fishing.

Tampere is hard to beat when it comes to cultural offerings. The city has a high density of museums in Finnish comparison, exhibiting art as well as history of a variety of fields. The city is particularly popular among music lovers in the summer months thanks to the great programme of festivals and concerts. The city also has many theatres, with the Tampere Theatre and the TTT Theatre being the largest ones.

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Brand new and newly renovated homes in Tampere

There are steady increase of new homes in Tampere, and we also renovate older home buildings regularly. Tähän Home for your life -nappula, kun tehtävissä.

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Comprehensive public transport service throughout the city

Tampere has invested in pedestrian and cyclist routes in recent years and received the Cycling Municipality of the Year award in 2013. Tampere local buses will take you quickly to the heart of the city even from the areas furthest away from the centre. In the future the city will also have the new tram line that has received a great deal of public attention. In the summer you can also hop on board a ferry and see how nice the city looks from the lake perspective. For transport links, see the Tampere Regional Transport pages.

Because of its location in the middle of Southern Finland, Tampere is only a short highway or motorway journey away from Southern and Central Finnish cities. The train connections are also great in all directions, near and far, and Tampere is actually one of the busiest rail transport hubs in the country.

The Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is the fourth-busiest in Finland and hosts domestic as well as international flights.

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