SATO FlexHome

For your beginnings

If only you could try out an owner-occupied home before buying it. To decorate it, experience it, enjoy it. To see how you fit into the building and the neighbourhood. To have a perfect carefree new beginning. But wait, with SATO FlexHome this is possible!

Get to know your neighbors before deciding to buy

SATO FlexHome is a new form of part ownership where you get access to an urban home of your dreams with a small sales price of part ownership as soon as you've signed the contract. After the part ownership, you can purchase your home in full. You can also sell your share back to SATO and either move out or continue living in your familiar home, renting it from us under a lease agreement.

Such a safe option - if you can't for some reason invest in the home after all, SATO will buy it back

SATO FlexHome is particularly suitable for life's transition periods. Perhaps you have sold your home in a smaller town and would like to move to a city. Or you have saved a small amount for your first owner-occupied home but are not yet willing to commit to a big housing loan. Or perhaps you are unsure about your near future - whether you will stay in this city or might be moving to another one in a couple of years' time.

The very first SATO FlexHome were completed in 2020 and new FlexHomes will be completed near the end of 2022 to Hervantajärvi, Tampere. Other potential locations for upcoming SATO FlexHomes are Kauklahti in Espoo and Oulunkylä, Viikki, Myllypuro, and Laajasalo in Helsinki.

This is how it works

You get access to a SATO FlexHome by paying 15% of the full purchase price of your new home. During the part ownership, you will pay SATO's part ownership rent, a rent that is below the market level for your home. If your life situation or mind changes during that period, we undertake to buy your share back at the original price, less 1% per each year of residence. After the end of the part-ownership period, you can either buy the remaining 85% of your home or sell your share back to us.

When you purchase your SATO FlexHome in full at the end of the part-ownership period, you will benefit nicely from any increase in its value as the purchase price will be the original price excluding company loans. On the other hand, if you love the apartment but a larger bank loan is still not the thing for you after the part ownership time, you can choose to continue living in your home as a SATO RentHome resident, provided that you have taken care of all of your obligations during your period of residence.

Your saving with the SATO FlexHome is the bigger the more of the 15% initial payment you can cover by yourself.

Available FlexHomes

New FlexHome in Hervantajärvi, Tampere

Live in a home with thermal heating, charge your electric car with ease, or choose to commute by tram! The SATO FlexHomes of 'Hervantajärven Helmi' are ready to move in!

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